FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

EZLawn’s artificial grass is not just safe for pets it also means NO muddy paws! Pets love Artificial Grass as its usually softer than regular grass. Another bonus is our Artificial Grass does not stain like a regular Lawn.

When cleaning up after your pet it’s just like any other grass area, large particles will have to be scooped up but any other particles will wash away in the rain or with a hose.

Absolutely, our grass provides a clean, safe area for your kids to play on all year round and it’s 100% eco-friendly.

Yes. Artificial lawns do not need to be watered like real grass. Additionally, chemical fertilisers and harmful weed killers are not necessary. Another bonus is that you don’t need to mow the lawn every weekend, so you can even reduce your carbon footprint.

Yes, huge advancements in the manufacture of artificial grass means our grass looks just like the real thing making it a clean, safe and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. We only supply the highest quality grass so your garden has a natural look all year round. We can match any garden design and our artificial grass is available in a variety of different colours to match your project requirements.

No. All of our artificial grasses are completely UV stable, so they do not fade. Your lawn will look as crisp and green as it did when you got it, for years to come.

Yes. Artificial grass is porous, with holes in the specially-designed backing allowing free drainage, in fact draining up to 10 times faster than excess water on your regular grass lawn.

This makes it perfect for sitting a hot tub on!

With proper maintenance our artificial grass products will last 15-20 years.

Yes. While an artificial lawn will require much less maintenance than your traditional lawn, it does still need some basic care. To keep the grass looking at its best, leaves and debris should be removed on a fairly regular basis. Your lawn will benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush and, for more extreme soiling, may need a quick hose wash.

EZLawn will soon be offering Specialised tools and Shampoos for getting the most out of your New Artificial Lawn, so keep your eye on our social media and website.

You should never expose artificial grass to a barbecue or open flame; similarly, garden objects like BBQs and heaters should not be placed on artificial grass. When exposed to fire or extremely hot temperatures, artificial grass may melt!